15 Things to Toss Before Fall

15 Things to Toss Before Fall

Fall is right around the corner and I know we save cleaning for spring, but before school starts, which is a week away for a lot of the country, it may be a good idea to reorganize, clear out, and Declutter some of those things that we’ve collected over the summer. Here’s our list of 15 things to toss, donate, or just get rid of before fall.

Summer swag.

Did you go to a lot of festivals this summer? You might’ve picked up a promotional pen, chip clip, and logo-laden promotional items that just clutter up kitchen drawers and junk drawers. It’s time to toss those things out or donate them if they have some value.15 Things to Toss Before Fall

S’more ingredients

If you know you’re not going camping again for building a backyard campfire, those S’more ingredients just won’t last till next summer. But of course, chocolate is good any time of the year.

Canning and farmers market gear

do you have a bunch of leftover berry baskets lying around or canning jars and supplies that you never used? Farm stand owners would love to have some of those items back.

Clean out the car

if you’re done with summer road trips, your car could use a good detailing. Time to toss those food wrappers, old French fries, and any kid snacks that may have made their way down the sides of seats. Relocate your folding chairs and beach blankets back to the garage.

Return borrowed items

Have a neighbors salad bowl? What about their ladder or lawnmower? Use anyone else’s beach towel at the beach? It’s time to return anything that you borrowed or things that were accidentally left your house over the summer.


Seasonal papers such as amusement park maps, brochures, tickets from summer concerts and photos that you may either want to toss or just archive for a later time.

Kitchen Clutter

check all your kitchen cabinets and drawers for soy sauce packets, mustard packets, chopsticks that have seen better days and any kitchen clutter that you know you just won’t use until next summer. Have thermoses without lids, leaking ice packs, or totes with broken zippers? It’s time to toss them.

15 Things to Toss Before Fall

Flower baskets that have seen better days.

You had grandiose ideas of a beautiful front porch with hanging baskets, but now they look sad and droopy because you have forgotten to water them. It’s time to clear out all the exterior mess and either fill them with fall foliage, or toss them.

Storm supplies

Emergency supplies don’t last forever so it’s important to replace expired rations of food, water, and check expiration dates on battery packs and first-aid supplies. Replenish them as needed.

Garage garbage

Broken ladders and chairs, overflowing boxes of items that you meant to take to the thrift store or for a yard sale, and broken items simply should be gotten rid of. Go through your garage and clear out everything.


Still hanging onto that broken umbrella? It’s time to toss it. Any rain umbrella that’s broken or not in good working order or patio umbrellas that you’ve kept just in case, should be tossed at this time.

Broken garden tools

Toss broken fencing, cracked lawn sprinklers, and broken garden tools as well as any unused fertilizer and seedling starters that will expire before next year.15 Things to Toss Before Fall

Water toys

If you have a few old and ripped up pool noodles, rafts, or water toys that have holes in them or just don’t work anymore, it’s time to toss them.


If you’ve been saving boxes for Christmas, remember that when you order things for Christmas, they will come in a box most likely. You’ll probably have a good collection of boxes before Christmas even if you let go of all of them now.


Have you picked up seashells from your beach trip? Maybe driftwood that you planned on making into sculpture art? Maybe the stack of postcards. Whatever it is, these collectibles that you have acquired over the summer should be returned to nature if possible.

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